Dogfather Slots Review

Dogfather is a five reel, twenty payline, and one-hundred-coin slot machine with a wild symbol and a scatter symbol. Dogfather has two bonus features, a Free Spins bonus and a Mark Your Territory bonus.

Wild Symbol

The Da Boss symbol is wild and substitutes for all other symbols to complete winning combinations, except the Itchy da Flea symbol and the Hydrant symbol.

Scatter Symbol

The Itchy da Flea symbol is a scatter symbol. It does not need to appear in a line on an enabled payline to win. It can be scattered anywhere on the five reels provided that three or more Itchy da Flea symbols appear. Your Scatter winnings are calculated by multiplying your total credits bet by the number of Itchy da Flea symbols on the screen according to the payout table below.

Free Spins Bonus Game

The Free Spins bonus game like triple diamond online slot game is activated when you get three or more Itchy da Flea symbols scattered anywhere on the five reels. You are awarded 13 free spins. If you get three or more Itchy da Flea symbols during the free spins, you get 13 more free spins, which are added on to your remaining free spins.

Mark Your Territory Bonus Game

The Mark Your Territory bonus game is activated when you get three or more Hydrant symbols scattered anywhere on the five reels. In the bonus game, three Hydrants are displayed. Behind each Hydrant is a bonus win amount. You get to choose one hydrant for each hydrant that activated the game.

Payout Schedule

To calculate your winnings, multiply the number of coins won by the total credits bet per payline.

Taking Advantage of Low Online Table Stakes

Dogfather Slots ReviewAnother great advantage of betting on the internet, versus weekend trips to luxury gambling resorts is there is much greater diversity in table stakes. The reason being is that on the internet, the pace of playing hands – for instance, at the blackjack table – goes much faster on a computer than it does with a real dealer who must deal every player’s cards and divulge winnings at the end of each hand. Since the Advantage is always for the House, the more hands played, the more money it makes.

However, in gambling hot-spots like The Strip in Las Vegas, gaming operators have found they can make more money by raising the table limits, even if some of the tables are empty for hours on end. This phenomenon is actually taught in the Casino Operations Management class at UNLV, and is the route that most brick ‘n mortar establishments take at peak hours.

On the internet, since so many more hands get played and since there is far less operating overhead, it is still advantageous for gaming sites to offer lower table limits. And you can bet they will also offer higher table limits as well, especially at the blackjack tables.

So, how can a gambler get low table limits in Las Vegas? The best thing to do is try avoiding weekend nights (if you must gamble on weekends, try the morning hours), gamble during the day on weekdays, hit up the video poker machines, and gamble at destinations off the Strip (downtown).