N. Richmond Council Doubts Pomo Indians California Casino

N. Richmond Council Doubts Pomo Indians California CasinoThe chances for North Richmond, California to be getting a Las Vegas style casino will be upped slightly if a neighborhood Advisory Council does not act to officially voice their concerns, which they have already done on an unofficial basis.

The North Richmond Neighborhood Advisory Group was supposed to draw up a list of their concerns earlier this week on Tuesday, but did not do so. The council has until April 28 to submit a written record of concerns why they think the Scotts Valley Band of Pomo Indians should not be allowed to construct a casino room https://playcanadacasino.com/casino-room/, which according to preliminary plans, would be a Las Vegas style casino gambling destination. The apparent reason for not finalizing the list was that meeting time was used up to hear what tribal Chairman Donald Arnold had to say, as well as needing more of the community’s sentiments regarding the environmental impact statement submitted in conjunction with the casino project.

However, with the April 28 deadline fast approaching, some are beginning to wonder if the Council will be able to act in time. In what may come down to a last-minute affair, the Council must submit their statement by the deadline if they do not want to jeopardize their chances of having the power to sue the Pomo Indians if they do not deliver on their promises in regards to the casino, which include improving schools, funding health care and providing needed jobs to citizens of North Richmond.

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