The UK Poker Tournament Announced

The UK Poker Tournament AnnouncedThe Dates For The Open Competition For Participating Through Pacific Poker In The UK Poker Tournament Announced. 888 Casino is holding its UK Poker Open Tournament this year from September 25th to October 8th. Based on last year’s success it should do quite well. The winning prize last year was a half mil, coming from a $1 million prize pool. This year it is expected that the pot will be even larger.

The event which is to be televised, will include both professional poker players along with those who qualify to play through the Internet. There have already been satellite events set up at Pacific Poker which are slated to go on through Sept. 16th. This will allow a broad variety of potential players the possibility of enough a prize of $7 500 for participating.

Daily sub-satellites allow players the opportunity of winning their way into a standard daily satellite at the cost of as little as 50¢, which is the charge for playing the sit-and-go game or the expenditure of $3.20 for the opportunity to play at a multi-table game Each Sunday, the winners of the regular daily satellites are allowed to compete for the event buy-in and travel expenses for competing for the U.K. Poker Open prize package.

If you don’t win in your attempt to reach the Sunday satellite event, don’t despair since you are allowed to compete through paying $105. although there is an open registration, bear in mind that there is limited seating.

Craps Full Double Odds

For games of craps in either land-based or online casinos, it is common to hear the terms “Full Double Odds” and “3-4-5 Odds”.
Full Double Odds means that gamblers can receive odds of 2.5x on die points of six or eight, and odds of 2x for all remaining possible points. The reason the casino does this is to help make the 6:5 payoff round figures when winning bets for points 6 or 8 are not made in $5 increments.

It is important to be aware of this, for the casino will end up shorting you the full payoff you truly deserve. For instance, if you take Double Odds on a $12 Pass Line bet, the full wager will be $24 ($12 x 2), and the payoff would be $28.80. However, the casino will only pay you $28 to keep from dealing in loose change.

In order to insure a full payoff, simply multiply your wager by 2.5, which in this case would be: $12 x 2.5 = $30. Making a wager with Double odds for $30 will payoff an even $36 with no shortchanging by the casino.